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Giving our curls some TLC with a Devacut

Giving our curls some TLC with a Devacut

Someone said to me the other day, “being Curly is a lot easier than straightening your hair” and I thought to myself, ‘Is she koo koo?’  It certainly is NOT easier but to me, it’s so worth it.  But having a good cut is key and will make or break you as a Natural.  So when Zoë told me she was ready to take the plunge and wear her curls out, I knew I had to act fast!  LOL.  I usually go to Shai at Capella Salon but decided to try DevaChan Salon in Culver City for two very important reasons…they are much closer to me (sorry but I despise driving to the Valley) and for my mini, the price was much more appealing.  IJS 😉 She was so incredibly excited once we got there and especially when she got to wear her pink satin robe!  Donatella was amazing, walking Zoë through every step with such patience.  She used the Decadence No Poo, One Condition, SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler and finished with the Set It Free Style & Shape spray.  She sat under the dryer for about 30 minutes then diffused her hair some added ump! So as a proud curly mama I am happy to report that Zoë is ready to tackle the Curly world!  My experience was well…uh…somewhat different.  Overall, it was cool and I went in just so ding dang excited that I had found another salon to cut my curly locks that my expectations weren’t too terribly high.  Did I mention that my locks were in dire need of a trim?  Like bad…really really bad!  I will say this…the thing that has saved me these last few months is it’s easy to mask damaged hair when you wear it curly but the crunch crunch was driving me bananas!!

I had expressed to my stylist that the Devacurl product combo I had used in the past produced a residue and kinda turned me off of the products so she decided to try a new combo.  Well, hum…no bueno!  She used a little of the One Condition, SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler, B’Leavein and sat me under the dryer.  By the time I hit the corner, my curls were no more!  Where is my Denman Brush and Diffuser when you need ’em!?!?!  LOL But all in all, we’re two happy curly campers and we’ll be paying Devachan another visit soon! xo, Angela

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