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FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Jennifer McDaniel | Pisc...

FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Jennifer McDaniel | Pisces

Tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I am the oldest of 5 children and very close to my siblings and their children.  I grew up in Los Angeles and relocated to Dallas 14 years ago. I have one daughter named Kennedy who is my biggest blessing. I have always been into health and wellness and three years ago I got certified as a Holistic Health Coach and started my own company to help people define and design a life that they absolutely love. In my free time I garden, volunteer my time at my church, cook, maintain a yoga practice, write, collect art and focus on manifesting my dreams.

What is the one most important thing you hope to teach your child/children?

The most important thing that I hope to leave with my daughter is for her to know that she is here to be happy and be joyful. That her happiness is the most important thing in the world and that she must remember that in every moment. That life is created in moments.

What are your 3 best character traits?

I am… friendly, courageous, resourceful

What are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the day when I can sit back and not work because I have to, but because I want to. I don’t think I will ever retire, but I am on track to designing a lifestyle that affords me ability to work from anywhere in the world and attract the income to support my desires. This is what freedom is.

What are some of your favorite things?

Young Living Joy Essential Oil and my Diffuser for grounding, Mac Ruby Woo Red Lipsick for sexy lips

Murad’s Hydro Dynamic Quenching Essence for hydrating my skin, Cashmere Mist Perfume by Donna Karen for smelling great, Crisp White Sheets and Soft White Bath Sheets- pure bliss, Earl Grey Tea with Soymilk , My Clearlight Infrared Sauna for detoxification , My Sonos Music System for rocking out in the house, Dr, Bonners Rose Castile Soap for bathing , The Desire Map Book, by Danielle LaPorte for envisioning my life, Green Smoothies for cellular nutrition, Noosa Greek Yogurt for breakfast, Coconut Water, Sushi and Fried Chicken, strange combo…I know.

What or who inspires you?

I am inspired by God’s love for me. It keeps me rooted in remembering that my life is always working for me no matter what it appears to look like on the outside.

How would you describe your style?

My style changes depending on my mood. Right now i am in love with dresses, and a pair of jeans with a great jacket and sexy heels. I travel a lot, so I shop for items that can be matched together to create a few different looks. I live for shoes, coats and thrift store finds. My motto is that if you don’t feel beautiful when you wear it,  get rid of it!

What’s your favorite clothing brand?

I am a Nike girl when it comes to athletic clothes. I also like LuLu Lemon. I really like Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch , and Armani for suits.

Do you have a favorite recipe?

My favorite recipe is my Kale Salad and my Shrimp and Grits.

What makes your soul happy?

My soul is happy whenever I am honoring myself through my words and actions. in other words, when I am aligned with source.

What’s your proudest mommie moment?

I have so many moments where i have looked at her in awe, where i am engulfed in appreciation and joy for who she is and for who she is becoming. I’d have to say that one of my proudest moments is when my daughter stood up to me about her career choice and showed me that she was fearless and determined to live her life on her terms and that it did not matter what I thought.  I felt proud that she loved her self enough to stand up for her life.

Where is your favorite place to spend time with your family?

At a kitchen table, talking, laughing, loving on each other and eating really good food.

What’s in your purse?

A black writing pen and a journal, red lipstick, a magnifying mirror, sunglasses, perfume, tooth brush and toothpaste, concealer, carmex, a brush, my wallet and my abundance rock.

What beauty brands do you use and what’s your beauty routine?

Nars, Bobbi Brown, Young Living Essential Oils, Murad

What advice would you give your 21 year old self?

Love yourself more, go with ease and know that you will never get it done.  You are a majestic work in progress,

What is your mantra?

I have a primary question that drives my choices in my life. My primary question is “How Can I Experience Even More, God’s Overwhelming Love and Acceptance in This Moment Now?”  When I focus on this question, I am able to make a choice in the moment that enables me to act from my highest self.

What are you passionate about?

Helping people live their destined life

Do you belong to or donate your time to any charitable/philanthropic organizations and if so, which ones?

I donate to Polaris, an organization that fights Human Trafficking. I also support the Anthony Robbins foundation which focuses on helping to change the lives of those in society that are the most undervalued and overlooked-children, youth, the disabled and the elderly.

 Why you’re a QUINKENZO Fly Mommie

Jennifer is fly because she continues to inspire, enlighten and intrigue all those she comes in contact with.  She’s witty, intelligent, fun-loving, gorgeous, silly, motivated, loving and creative. I swear she can pull an outfit together that would make you just go sit down in a corner somewhere. She has this keen sense of style and an eye that can mix thrift store finds with high end brands and pull it off like most can’t.  I’m always like where did you find that!!?!?  There’s also something to be said about a confident woman who is in such a great place in her life that her self-love and energy just shines through.  But what really makes her Fly is her love of life and her ability to live with intention and integrity and to continuously push herself to be the very best version of herself.  Now that’s Fly!



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