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Racism. Discrimination. Police Brutality. Preju...

Racism. Discrimination. Police Brutality. Prejudice. Bigotry. Heavy Heart.

My childhood was a normal, fun-filled middle-class Black experience. My mother worked hard, reeeeeally hard, as a single mother to make sure my brother and I were fulfilled and happy.  We struggled a bit and had to live frugally but we had a great life.  A great home.  Went to good schools. I never experienced the pains and discrimination of growing up Black like so many of my people before me had.  I knew racism existed, naturally growing up in the 70’s, being named after Angela Davis and having a father who wanted to join the Black Panther Party.  But my brother and I never experienced it first-hand.

Then fast forward, I married someone who grew up with a very similar childhood experience and so naturally we raised our kids with those same ideals and experiences. Open-minded, accepting and inclusive.  And as life would have it, we somehow gravitated to other couples who shared our values and who also grew up with a similar childhood. And so we raised our children together, as a family, as a village, and our children grew up just like us.  Happy but shielded.  Not neglecting what was going on but realizing that the opportunities we were given and the environment we were raised in and the situations that were placed before us meant we were able to live differently and see the world through a different lens.

Now here we are and it seems like time has stood still. Racism.  Discrimination.  Police Brutality.  Prejudice.  Bigotry.  Division.  2 million+ people in prison.  Black people killing each other. Drug overdose in the streets in broad daylight.  Poverty.  Lack of jobs.  School Shootings.  And Trump as our President.  What is happening now in our country should not continue to be overlooked as just another headline.  It should infuriate ALL of us enough that we can’t do anything BUT change.

We deserve better and our country deserves better. It’s downright sickening what is going on and to just turn a blind eye because it hasn’t hit your family or you simply don’t get it is inhumane just as it is watching an Ape get shot to death.  To not initiate or avoid conversations about what is happening in this country because it’s simply uncomfortable is irresponsible on our part.  Where is the Love?  Where is Tolerance for people who are different than you?  Where are our morals?  Where is the Unity and understanding and compassion and the desire for us ALL to be equal?  To be supported.  To be validated. To be led to succeed rather than to fail.  To be valued.  Women.  Blacks.  Mexicans.  Gays.  Muslims. The Under-privileged.

Change starts with the choices we make as individuals, how we view each other’s child, how we raise our own children to think, act and share their voice.  We must create a positive change for our country by understanding that our voice is crucial for the American people.  Every single person in this country needs to know, they are seen, they are heard and they are supported.  It’s crucial for our survival as human beings that we change what is broken. Like for real.

My heart is just so heavy today but I’m pushing myself to not succumb to feelings of doubt, fear and negativity. We must be fueled by who we TRULY are and that is Love + Light.  That is what I want to focus on and what I want my children to focus on because there will always be pain and discomfort and hate and disappointment but who we are and who we show the world we are is what matters.  We have to continue to be what is good and right about our country and not focus on what’s been presented to us.  All the people who I talked to today, from family members to co-workers to parking attendants, who I looked in their eyes and felt their pain about this election, to all the things I read on IG and FB, that shows me WE are the Light that will drive out this darkness and hate.  We have to be active and educate ourselves AND each other though and remain steadfast in our journey to #bebetter and #dobetter with love and compassion in our hearts, united, with the strong conviction to bring about change to this divided country.  There’s no other way.

I have absolutely no idea where all this came from.  I’m not political at all, just passionate.



Angela René
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