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Work Flow

I remember as a little girl watching my mom get dressed and how she always looked so impeccable.  Whether she was going to work or to the grocery store or to one of her social club dances, she was always stylin!  Truth be told, my mother was a bit of a shopaholic!  The woman couldn’t pass up a good sale.  As I got older, I remember looking through Glamour magazine and loving the “Steal vs. Splurge” feature!  Go figure!  So I guess you could say that’s where I got my sense of style and frugalness from.

Being a mom of 3, AND the cautious Virgo I am, I tend to spend all my money on the kids and find it reeeeeeally hard to shop for myself.  But I also know I deserve a little treat every now and then so, like my mom, when I find a good sale, I don’t hesitate.  Actually, I get really giddy with excitement!  Tee hee!


Zara Embroidered Top

I like to think another great habit I got from my mom is to keep classic pieces forever and pair them with new trends. Because as we know…things always come back in style!  (Man I so wish I still had my silver creepers! from high school)

WorkFlow Wednesday

I paired a top I got from Zara a few weeks ago on sale (similar to this one), a Theory skirt I’ve had probably 10+ years (similar to this dress) and L.A.M.B. Tyra booties.  Simple and Classic.  You can’t go wrong.  At least that’s what I tell myself! #momlife #photography by my 12yr old 😉

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Angela René
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  1. Felicia Fair

    26 January

    I love your writings keep it up…. you never know where it might take you ????????????????????????????????????????????

    • quinkenzo

      17 February

      Thanks honey. As you know, it’s quite healing. Love + Light to you and the family. xo

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