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Living in Gratitude is Living Intentionally

Living in Gratitude is Living Intentionally

We’re all going through shit.  Everyone’s is dealing with something and sometimes it can get real overwhelming.  Your plan gets derailed or things just aren’t moving as swiftly as you would like.  I’m convinced we go through circumstances and encounter certain people in order to evolve us into who we are truly intended to be.

However, the path to get there is never easy.  The mere thought of living with a grateful heart and living intentionally seems easy to incorporate if you’re ready to vibrate higher.   But it can also be just as easy to veer off course when you’re operating out of sheer habit.  Or running through life on auto-pilot?  Or fearful to take that next step.  Or doubting yourself and your purpose.

Nothing that happens to you or for you is by chance or by sheer luck.  It’s all divine order. It’s all a direct result of your thoughts and how you let your thoughts control you and move you.  The universe is directing our paths but it’s so easy to not embrace the life that is trying to work its way into our consciousness.   But I’ve learned that it’s so important to train my thoughts to focus on Gratitude.  When you do that, you start to see that the Universe is always trying to align you with what is good for your soul, your truth and to being your greater self.

But why to we shun from living in gratitude?  Fear, habit, laziness, insecurities, doubt, lack of self-love and self-worth.  If we can just come from a place of stillness, we can look within to see the things we need to change, the things that are no longer serving us.  The things holding us from true happiness and contentment.  We know deep down inside what those things are and how we want to feel but sometimes if we aren’t centered, the burden to change is just too hard and it’s much easier to sit in our comfort zone.

But then something happens.  You become awakened.  Aware.  Mindful.  Things start to feel better and more at ease because you are truly grateful…for it all.   Your heart is happy.  Your soul is warm and calm.  Your vision becomes clearer and clearer.  Your spirit feels protected.  Your mind becomes at peace with everything that is good and not so good. Abundance in all forms flows through you and in you, the moment you trust and its then that your desires will manifest in profound and beautiful ways.  The more you trust, the more abundance will flow.  And so it is…

in love + light,

Angela René
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  1. tavedani

    10 March

      Another lesson I took out of the evening involved the practice of gratitude.   Whether you speak to life coaches, spiritual teachers, successful entrepreneurs and/or CEOs, or Oprah Winfrey, they almost always attribute their success to gratitude.   One of my favorite quotes from Oprah was at her speech at Skidmore College: “I practice being grateful.

    • quinkenzo

      4 April

      I agree! Love me some Oprah!

  2. Cheapviagra

    14 March

    Elizabeth When you need something it is because you believe (and feel and experience) that you do not have it. When you give something freely it is because you believe (and feel and therefore experience) that you have an abundance of it so you are able to give it freely. By switching from needing love (scarcity, not experiencing enough love) to giving love (an abundance of love experienced) you actually DO experience having and feeling more love in your life This works with everything. You can give money in order to experience an abundance of money in your life. You can share joy and uplift others to experience more joy in your own life. Humans are wired” to not give freely when they feel a scarcity of that thing. You can fool your brain by GIVING freely AS IF you have an abundance of the thing and you will experience more and more of that which you are giving freely. Try it! (don”t try to understand it, just try it .. it works!)

    • quinkenzo

      4 April

      Yes Yesss Yesssss! Thanks for sharing your perspective!!

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