Diary of a Virgo

Teenagers…Aren’t they cute?

T E E N A G E R S //  When they were little I thought it was the cutest thing that they were only 17 months apart!  Awwww mama’s boys.  Why didn’t anyone remind me I would eventually have TWO TEENAGERS in my house driving me bananas!?!?! No, but seriously, this ride with my boys has truly been a great one.  I feel incredible blessed to be their mama.  They make me laugh, they’re smart, they have great friends and just overall good kids.  I do however want to smack them every now and then but that just comes with the territory.  I gotta give them a LITTLE “crazy lady” from time to time or they will run all over me!  Just the other day we had a conversation about whether they could take their cell phones to retreat or not.  Like major attitude discussions because they couldn’t imagine being without them for 2/3 days.  Like why? “Mom, c’mon…MOM SERIOUSLY C’MON!”

So after me and the hubby discussed it and the Dean assured us the phones had to be turned in upon arrival, we said a’iiight!! Now see my husband despises technology.  No Facebook, Insta, Snap, nothing for him.  He still hasn’t accepted that Waze is his friend.  I, on the other hand, like to think it has its advantages while still being mindful of the negative influences and setbacks it’s caused.  Technology has allowed us parents to be “helicopter” parents, monitoring our kids every move and sometimes being privy to TOO much information!  I try to be somewhere in between because I think about how I gained my independence and street smarts.  It certainly wasn’t from my mom checking text messages or putting a tracker on me to see if I was really at track practice (not that she even had that option or capability!)  So with that, I try to keep things in perspective although my husband would say otherwise.  LOL.  I look at this young generation though and feel somewhat sad because they’ve spent the majority of their childhood/teenage years being completely addicted to social media and, without thinking, in need of approval, social status and the most likes. It just seems to me that our culture has encouraged teens & pre-teens and some adults even, to obsess so much over BS, way more than I did at that age and it makes them forget about cultivating real, authentic, genuine relationships. Raising sons in this technology driven world makes me wonder…will they be good boyfriends/husbands, will they even know HOW to date, converse, court!?!?!  Ay yi yi…cell phones and the instant gratification they receive have totally diminished people skills but I always say Chivalry is NOT dead in my house…NO WAY NO HOW and maybe now since Erykah has said it, they might just pay attention.  #ICanMakeYouPutYourPhoneDown #raisinggentlemen


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