Diary of a Virgo

SHIFT // The Light in me honors The Light in you

SHIFT // The Light in me honors The Light in you

You ever feel like your soul is tired? Like you need more than for Calgon to take you away?  Life has a way of stopping you in your tracks just as you were getting ready to sprint!  And as you try to Let go and Let God that’s when you get that little chatter that starts in your head, and you’re like…wait!  What!?!?!  Peace is a hard state of mind to obtain these days but I’m all about that life.  It’s like very necessary for me at this point.  I started on this journey to being better and doing better almost 2 years ago simply because I felt like The Universe was pulling me to make this shift.  I found myself in this state of blah and I knew that was not the place I wanted to live in.  I love life and love the people in my life so I decided I had to do something.  I know that I am abundantly blessed with a rich life filled with the best family and the most amazing friends so I guess I just thought it was, uh well, me hitting 40 and going through that mid-life thing.  LOL. Whatever “it” was I knew I wanted to change it.

So here I am. So much going on around me that I’m scratching my head like, “what in the world is going on!?!?” I’m learning to accept that this world we live in is so very chaotic and unpredictable but that The Universe is constantly working FOR me…for US.  I sometimes get so caught up in my thoughts, I’m such an overthinker.  But I’m learning that my thoughts create my reality and it’s my choice to have negative thoughts or positive ones.  It’s important to take moments of solitude, get on the mat, be still and meditate so that God can speak to me and guide my steps and my heart.  It ain’t easy cause naturally as a mom, wife, daughter, friend, I give myself a hard time, dealing with guilt and obligation, but slowly I’m starting to release those thoughts that drain me. That simple shift in attitude helps me to recognize and accept that they are momentary lapses and it will all be ok.  We will ALL be ok.  To make a conscious decision to be happy in life sometimes just isn’t enough. It’s about doing.  Surrounding yourself around things that bring you joy, people who feed your soul and bring you peace, who inspire you to be the best versions of yourself, who you can vibrate with higher.  Shifting my focus to these simple things and placing my intention on happiness has brought me an abundance of solitude and peace and the journey continues.  Yay!



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