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FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Claudine Cooper | Capric...

FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Claudine Cooper | Capricorn

I’m so incredibly excited to feature this Fly Mommie for so many reasons!

When I asked Claudine to tell me a little bit about herself, she humbly replied, “It is uncomfortable for me to rattle off a list of my best character traits, because I am a constant work in progress. It is my mission to greet each day with a heart of gratitude and a desire for growth. Life is such a precious gift and I am just trying to live mine with purpose.” Well, she is definitely doing that. So we’re gonna do this interview a little different, in true Claudine fashion…

Claudine Cooper is a well-known fitness professional with a diverse and dedicated following. She leads intense workout classes at 24 Hour Fitness, The Bay Club and Equinox in Los Angeles. In 2015, she added another notch to her professional belt, when she published a tell all memoir. Her life story, entitled, 25 to Life, landed a coveted spot on Amazon’s Top 100 Inspirational/Motivational list.

So I had to ask her, “How does it feel to share such personal details of your life with the entire world?” Claudine paused and thoughtfully responded, “It feels liberating. Writing my book was a labor of love, but publishing my book was an act of courage. The response has been overwhelming. I wake up to messages from total strangers who are sharing their intimate and personal stories with me, because my story is their story. It is truly inspiring and those messages bring tears to my eyes. It is heavy to know that sharing my life has encouraged others to lift the veil of shame and share their story. The truth is: we all have a story.”


Claudine is the mother of three school aged children, so I wanted to know how her children feel about the book.

“I have always kept it real with my children. They are living a life that is so far from my childhood that I like to constantly remind them to be grateful and thankful. In doing that, I openly share my life experiences with them. It makes me proud to say that they are very well mannered and mostly grateful, but they do complain when we go on our family hikes.”

The Coopers are all about family hikes, vegan meals, and holistic medical treatment and are the picture of good health. They definitely practice what they preach.  Claudine Cooper leaves the cooking to her vegan husband while she focuses on creating fun family activities that allow everyone to breathe fresh air, unplug and get moving.

So where does this super fit, supermom come from? Although, she has lived in Inglewood, California for over 15 years, she proudly tells me that she was “born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.” In staying true to her Minneapolis roots, she uses all natural Aveda products for her skin and hair.

In discussing her beauty routine, she also shared her unhealthiest habit.

“My unhealthy vice is the sun. I absolutely love the being outside and my skin shows it. My kids are like ‘Mom! You have freckles.’ But I had to explain to them that they are not freckles. They are sun spots. It was a great teachable moment, because I was able to explain to them that nobody is perfect. Sure, I live a healthy life, but I’m definitely not perfect.”

If you are as inspired by this fit & fly mommie as I am, you can check her out online at claudinecooper.com

Why you’re a QUINKENZO Fly Mommie

I’ve always felt like Claudine is my kindred spirit, like we were girrrrrls in a previous life. LOL! But what is so Fly about her is that everyone who meets her probably feels the same way! She has such an infectious personality that when she walks into any room, she immediately changes the energy. Everyone is captivated by her effortless ability to connect with each person not to mention her effortless beauty, A M A Z I N G head full of curls, bomb ass body, commitment to her husband, children, family, friends, her craft… and the ability to balance it all while maintaining her sense of self, her sexy and her authenticity.

When I first met Claudine (8 years ago), we were at a mutual friend’s birthday party.  Claudine walked in and immediately ran around greeting the guests with hugs and kisses. She came right over to me, gave me a hug and said, “I don’t do handshakes. I do hugs. I’m Claudine.” Now that’s FLY.

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