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FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Nicole Tucker | Aquarius

FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Nicole Tucker | Aquarius

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a native of Los Angeles, but I left home to attend a ski academy in Lake Tahoe California at age 15. This is where I began to have an understanding of myself in the world. I found myself suddenly in an environment in which I was the “only” in the group. And although I was the only African-American in a very Caucasian world and sport (downhill ski racing), I did not naturally recognize or separate myself by race. Rather, I recognized myself as different and special with a very unique opportunity. I was training to be the first Black skier on the U.S. Ski Team. Recently, I received a phone call from an old friend from one of my old ski teams. She called to tell me how much she admired me and my skiing accomplishments. I never made the U.S. Ski Team or went to the Olympics, but I did have amazing experiences that fill my life even today. I learned the true meaning of hard work, dedication, will power, persistence and the significance team work in an independent sport. And I learned that we find inspiration in many places, faces and things. Today I am thankful for all that has inspired me, but more so I am happy to know that I can inspire others.

I was gifted with two wonderful parents who surrounded me with experiences that would taught me that nothing is off limits (and they continue to do so).  So when it was time to hang up my skis, I moved from the University of Colorado at Boulder to the Mecca at Howard University in Washington, DC. In the mountains I discovered my independence, but at Howard I discovered family. For the first time in years I was in a place that felt like home that welcomed me with open arms and a new kind of encouragement. Students from all over the world that looked like me. This gave me a new new type of inspiration, confidence and self-esteem that I had never known. I finished my undergrad studies in Journalism and worked on Capitol Hill.  After graduating and working internships in P.R., I realized that I wanted to be a doctor. I originally planned to go to Medical school, but serendipitously fell into Dental school instead.

In my free time, I am very active. I compete in triathlons, ski and snowboard (yes-both), hike and do yoga just to name a few. I started my own triathlon club a few years ago to inspire my friends and family to lead healthy fit and active lives. I am a firm believer in healthy living and I believe if you start there, the rest of your life will attract unbelievable results. This year  I will be competing in my first Full Ironman( 2.4 mile swim,112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) 

I have two loving and bright children, Dylan and Chase. And of course, I am most proud of them. 

What is the one most important thing you hope to teach your child/children?
The one most important thing I hope to teach my children is to “Let Go and Let God.” That is a bunch of things all bundled into one. It means forgiving that which is unforgivable. Knowing that you are not in control, but that it is going to be okay anyway. Finding happiness in the midst of turmoil. Being thankful.

What are your 3 best character traits?
Sensitive, Persistent, Courageous

What are you most looking forward to?
I most look forward to seeing what my children do with their future.

What are some of your favorite things? 
Sitting on top of a mountain, eating ice cream, cooking

What or who inspires you?
I am inspired by our youth who dare to break new barriers in the way they think and see things. They are inspiring me to think bigger and wider. They have no fear. I wish I could go back to a place where I had no fear. But having your own children makes you cautious.  .

How would you describe your style?
Sporty Chic

What’s your favorite clothing brand?
I don’t have favorite clothing brand. I love good style and quality.

Do you have a favorite recipe?
My jambalaya and sautéed green beans

What makes your soul happy?
Hugs from my fiancé and my children

Fly Mommie Friday

What’s your proudest mommie moment?
When my children discovered their own independent thinking.  I love hearing them talk about politics and their perspective of the world. I am proud to know I have provided them with the means to do so.

Where is your favorite place to spend time with your family?
My fav place with the family is on the mountain skiing and snowboarding.

What are your strengths/weaknesses as a mother?
My strength as a mother has been my ability to see how I can make there future better by paying attention to details. Are they in the best fit school, are they in activities that will help mold them productively, are they surrounded by positive, inspiring people?  My weakness has been religion. Even though we praise and thank God in our home, I wish I had them more involved in a more involved church environment.

What’s in your purse?
Mac lip gloss (C-thru), asthma inhaler, wallet, business cards

What beauty brands do you use and what’s your beauty routine?
I wash my face in the morning, night and after work outs with Murad Vitamin C cleanser, followed by No.& moisturizer spf15. I always use sunblock when outdoors with spf 30+

What advice would you give your 21 year old self?
Wait to get married after grad school

Fly Mommie Friday

What is your mantra?
Get up and Do something!

What are you passionate about?
I am most passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I preach it to my children, family and my patients.  This means taking healthy steps in all aspects. Not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually and socially. Its all about the big picture of health.

Fly Mommie Friday

Do you belong to or donate your time to any charitable/philanthropic organizations and if so, which ones?
I have been blessed with a great career that has allowed me to care for people. I have a private dental office in Los Angeles. I have taught dentistry in clinics at U.S.C. and spent time volunteering and working in underserved communities in Downtown L.A.

Why you’re a QUINKENZO Fly Mommie…

Nicole is one Fly Mommie in my book for several reasons! I love that she challenges herself to be the best version of herself and she continues to be successful in her endeavors!  The fact that she balances her demanding practice, mommyhood and her hobbies is something beautiful to see.  And she’s about to be a wife too!  She’s the face of Modern Motherhood and is such an inspiration to the next generation that there are no limits and you CAN live a beautiful life. Not only is she stunning, smart, fiercely competitive and unstoppable, she has a keen, polished sense of style that I just love and a gorgeous smile that her patients probably try to get!  She’s Fly!

  1. Robin Dixon

    12 March

    Excellent story…true testament…love it!

  2. Jodie Haynes

    12 March

    Beautiful story and amazed with all your accomplishments.

  3. Mirenda

    15 March

    Awesome person, truly beautiful inside and out.

  4. Toni Oliver

    15 March

    I’ve known Nicole since she was a little girl, but have been blessed to work with her and get to know her at a new level this past year. She inspires me! She’s truly an incredible person!

  5. Margret

    18 March

    Great read, I was fortunate enough to spend time with Nicole in Lake Tahoe and Boulder. She is beautiful inside and out!

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