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Rooted Deeply in Love | Part One

Rooted Deeply in Love | Part One

Sooooooo huh let me just start off by saying, I don’t have a green thumb in my body! But I certainly plan to grow one! Since I’m on a mission to #bebetter and #dobetter two of my good friends encouraged me to start gardening (and they PROMISED me they would help me!)  I must say, I have some pretty amazing friends because they know their girl…I have ABSOLUTELY NO idea what I’m doing! But in my own corny way, I’m so excited about my little garden and I’m ready to get my hands dirty and create some garden goodness!  Zoë and I decided to take a trip to Orchard since they were having a great sale and get a few things before my friends come over this weekend to help me get it all together.

There’s just something pretty fabulous about succulents and they’re super easy to take care of.  I just love love love the simplicity and modern look of these plants.


Beautiful Succulents at OSH

Zoë had her eye on the Lavender!  Probably because we diffuse it every night.  She’s addicted!


I started to get a little crazy so my mini had to bring me down to reality.  She says to me…”Mom, start off slow, we don’t know what we’re doing!”  Ha!  Love this girl!  So I ended up getting 1) Tomatoes 2) Red, yellow and green bell peppers 3) Zucchini 4) Basil 5) Parsley 6) Rosemary 7) Lavender and of course some succulents!  #selfietime

Mission Accomplished!  This a’int your grandma’s gardening that’s for sure!  But I’m ready to get my hands dirty!


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