Diary of a Virgo


I’m going to be perfectly honest and keep it all the way 100 as the youngsters say! Lol. I started meditating for very specific reasons. It became very necessary for my mental well being!  I few years ago I just felt off balance, like I had a lot of negative, stagnant energy surrounding me.  I found myself being a little coo coo, reacting to things in an unsettling way but I knew instead I wanted to be in control of how I reacted to my thoughts and not the other way around.  I knew I wanted to do something to increase my vibration and become more spiritually centered and aware.  I had started on my yoga journey and naturally meditation became part of my routine as well.  When I started I was a little intimidated because I grew up praying, asking God for something never really understanding the art of being still and receiving.  So I had a skewed view of exactly what meditation was or how it worked.  But I trusted the process and after reading Russell Simmons book, “Success through Stillness”, watching practically every episode of Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” and starting off with guided meditations, I started to feel more at ease with the practice.  I began creating intention around being more at peace because I wanted to live my true authentic self.

I think you get to a certain point in your life when you crave a change but I knew in order for me to become better I had to start doing the work.  Manifesting the life I imagined.  Being happy, and healthy, clear and centered.  I was so ready and not afraid to make the transition because I knew that meditation would bring me closer to my higher self.  I just knew it!

Candidly speaking, I have a little bit of a Type A personality which always seems to have me in a state of overthinking, worrying, and stressing. I have 3 kids with 3 different personalities and 3 very different, busy schedules.  A few years ago my job was less than joyful let’s just say and I felt my 2 teenage sons were not on their true path.  You know us mama bears always instinctively jump into protective mode and think WHAT CAN I DO?????  I had to take moments of stillness though to realize how imperative it was that I just let go in order for a sense of ease and peace to take over my life, heart and my thoughts.

What I started to realize and see was that life changes and when it does sometimes it becomes so uncomfortable that you can’t help but shift.  Now I only want what nourishes my entire being.   Meditation teaches me to quiet my mind, acceptance and patience with myself and with others.  So when someone says to me “you’ve changed” it may just mean I’ve stopped living my life THEIR way.  It’s not always an easy journey I’ve learned.  Even when I find myself slowing outgrowing some souls, even my old self I tell myself it’s important to surrender and accept with a loving, open heart and everything will be fine.  I’m getting there, still learning. 😉

Be you, do what makes your mind, body and soul happy even if it seems “weird” to others. Take moments of solitude for yourself, let go of drama, people who don’t love your light, of old grudges, anger, laziness, unhappiness, fear because what I now know for sure is those feelings keep you away from your authentic, true self.  Meditation forces me to close my eyes, be still and listen… I am whole, I am loved, I am worthy of the life I imagined.

“Trusting the Universe doesn’t work unless you give the Universe your best effort. It is that effort or focus that the Universe supports.” – Deepak Chopra

Join me in Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day Mediation Experience “Shedding the weight: Mind, Body & Spirit”. It started yesterday but there’s still time to catch up!



  1. Bobi

    23 March

    Yes honey! Thank you.

  2. Jonae

    23 March

    I’m signing up?? something and someone has got to CHANGE “Me” ! Thanks?

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