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Rooted Deeply in Love | 3.20.16

Rooted Deeply in Love | 3.20.16

Any excuse for me to get together with my girls is a good one but this day of love, laughter, inspiration and wellness turned out to be pretty freaking amazing!  I got this idea to bring these women together first by attending my cousin Ashley’s Harvest Soiree back in the fall.  She teamed up with her friend, a yogi, and together they treated their friends to a night of delectable vegan dishes, inspiring talks and just good company.   I also saw a blog post from the cool mamas at mamaslemons.com.  They hosted this amazing event for mommies to gather and just be and I just thought that was so awesome and inspiring.  I had been toying around with a similar idea and seeing their beautiful events laid out so perfectly, led me to see my idea through and to get my girls together, eat, drink and be inspired too.

Wellness Wellness Wellness


Blueberry Quinoa Salad with Avocado Cilantro Dressing
Mozzarella, Mushroom, Red Onion & Basil Pizza
Caprese Garlic Bread
White Beans with Spinach & Chicken Sausage (also made without sausage for my Vegan guests)
Iced Tea, Infused Water with Young Living Lemon Essential Oil & Herbs
White & Red Wine
Sun Cocktail :: Vodka infused with Rosemary, Lemons, Clementines, Essential Oils, & Clementine Juice
Cheesecake and Crumbcake

WellnessFor me, this day was so much bigger than getting the girls together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to sip wine.  It was conceived by the thought of just living a life of wellness, how to do that, and wanting those I love and care about to do the same.  To teach each other, uplift and inspire each other, but most importantly learn from one another.  I knew I wanted these women here for very specific reasons because we’ve either had conversations about our life’s journey, ways we could try our best to “get it right” or how to be a vessel to self-discovery and living to our highest potential.  This gathering happened to fall on the 1st day of Spring so it couldn’t have been any more perfect and was truly Rooted Deeply In Love!quinkenzo_rooted

So to support our intention of well-being, I invited these very special ladies in my life all to join me for an intimate day of Wellness at my home.  I promised it would be a day filled with love, positive intention, inspiration, learning, sharing, sisterhood, friendship, food for thought AND for the soul.  We started off in my new garden where my girls and our daughters helped me start planting.  We got our hands dirty and learned so much along the way!  I called myself “prepping” for the day and emptied the Organic Potting soil in my planting beds a few days to soon.  But my good friend and garden guru, Dana suggested opening the soil the day of is better to ensure the plants get all the nutrients straight out the bag.  Lesson Learned.  I also bought some succulents from Orchard but didn’t end up buying enough.  So I had this bright idea to clip some of my existing ones from around the house and replant those.  Some are doing pretty good…and some not so much!  Praying these bad boys are ok!



We then made our way inside to refill our glasses and get some tips on my newfound love, Young Living Essential Oils!  My good friend Jennifer gifted me with these oils for my birthday last year and I’ve been obsessed ever since.  They just go hand in hand with the wellness journey that I’m on and I wanted my girls to see and experience them too!  Jennifer was gracious enough to share her knowledge and expertise and made all of us fall in love with these oils!  She even used a Zyto Scan on all of us to help find the optimal essential oils our body needs to balance itself out.  The scan performs a biosurvey addressing bio-markers in our bodies through the use of the cradle and helps to make better decisions about health and wellness.  This is all new to me but I think it’s pretty interesting and very cool!

This was a day for us to cultivate awareness about issues that are near and dear to all of us.  To share our knowledge and love of things that matter most like healthy eating, exercise, essential oils, gardening, friendship, yoga, relationships and beauty tips.  Although we didn’t have enough time in the day to cover everything, my heart is so full with gratitude that an environment was created for women to just Be!   My heart is truly happy.


“There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with people who want to grow and get better.  There is nothing more beautiful than a mind that wants to think and question everything.  Having friends and loved ones, that understand that life is much more than drama, BS, and wasting time is a breath of fresh air.  Keeping your circle full of quality people will change your life for the better.  Energy is contagious.  The people you surround yourself with influence you more than you know.  That’s why you have to appreciate the people in your life that are vibrating higher, evolving, and making a change in themselves and the world around them.” – Idil Ahmed

May this be the beginning of many more my friends!  Stay tuned…


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