Diary of a Virgo


Every week when I get ready to feature a new mommie on my blog and I re-read their interview, I swear I get a bit emotional and teary-eyed each and every time.  I guess it’s because featuring these women is so important to me. I always felt I knew some pretty special, amazing women but hearing their stories is just such a reminder that the world, especially social media, needs to see more of women like this represented.  Our youth and young women need to see REAL WOMEN who are making things happen, balancing work and home, being diligent about self-care and self-love, spirituality, all while remaining FLY!  My purpose of creating Fly Mommies was to acknowledge these beautiful souls for their depth, their contribution, their beauty, their heart and living their truth.  A mommie who lives life with conviction and purpose and loves herself and that love shines through is undeniably Fly.  Beauty is as Beauty does. So when you are beautiful within that beauty and that light will naturally shine. That’s fly.

I’ll be honest, the Gram is filled with so many great pages that empower women and I follow A LOT of them and am inspired daily.  But what I’ve found is not many of the women featured were…let’s just say…in my age group (clearing my throat). And that’s ok because Flyness comes in all forms. But as I raise my daughter and watch my countless nieces grow up, it has become more and more important to me that they sees real images of mothers just like me. I’m so very proud of my generation of mothers and I think the world needs to see more of US. We embody what Modern Motherhood is all about. Empowered. Free. Creative. Smart. Healthy. Ambitious. Passionate. Strong. Loving. Giving. Accepting. Forgiving…and FLY!

I have always felt like my purpose was and is to inspire and that’s what I chose to do when I curated this concept of Fly Mommies.  To expose mommies we all can relate to, who are DOING, for people to be intrigued by them and want to learn from them….to be inspired by their story.  I know I am.  These Fly Mommies have spoken to me in some way whether it be the way they honor their truth, their approach to motherhood, their entrepreneurship, mentorship, their commitment to a cause, their craft, their passion, their style sense, or their lifestyle.  That’s what makes a QUINKENZO Fly Mommie.

My mantra that my peeps know I live by is…IT TAKES A VILLAGE.  And when women uplift, teach, support and inspire one another, there’s some incredible things that will just naturally happen.  Each story, each word, each picture that I have received from my Fly Mommies touched me because I am them.  YOU are them.  Your perception of me, of each woman, of each mommie should be a reflection of you.

“My soul honors your soul.  I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.  I honor the light, love , truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me.  In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.”



  1. Cheyenne Pierce

    9 April

    Awesome Angie …Well said!

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