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FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Scean Ellis | Cancer

FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Scean Ellis | Cancer

Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Scean Ellis, and I’m a 48 year old wife and mother. I’m NY born and L.A. raised.  I’m a Media sales professional by day & DJ by night.  Blessed to be a Cancer survivor and founder of non-profit Dancing 4 A Cure and I’m a firm believer in all things being possible through God.

What is the one most important thing you hope to teach your child/children?
I have ALWAYS taught Kennedy the importance of self love and how it will shape all of her inter-personal relationships.

Tell us one thing that you have learned since becoming a mom?
The hardest thing I learned was that I had to let her be herself and not what I wanted her to be.

What are you most looking forward to?
There are soooo many things… but for now, it’s seeing her graduate college next year and begin the next phase of her evolution.

What are some of your favorite things?
OPI ‘Mod About You’ nail polish, eos lip balm (all of them!), Japanese nail bling Moleskine notebooks, Kat Von D liquid tattoo eyeliner, black & white Adidas Superstars, Purple Rain soundtrack on vinyl, my 1200 Technics.

What or who inspires you?
My mom continues to inspire me despite her passing away 7 years ago. I’m also inspired by people that make me vibrate higher – any one who isn’t afraid to take the road less travelled.

How would you describe your style?
I’m a mixed bag of nuts!  I guess classic with an edge is the best way to sum it up.  Oh and I love my hats!

What’s your favorite clothing brand?
I don’t have a favorite brand per se, but have favorite stores when I’m looking for certain things. I prefer to shop at small boutiques for items that I don’t want to see everyone else wearing and retailers like Top Shop, Zara & BCBG for trendy pieces.

Do you have a favorite recipe?
Mac n Cheese, Spaghetti Bolegnese (before I stopped eating meat), my Mom and Grandpa’s potato salad

What makes your soul happy?
Music, fresh flowers, and a clean house!

Fly Mommie Friday

What’s your proudest mommie moment?
I have two: 1) When Kennedy started asking for my input.   At that moment I knew that she valued my opinion.  2) When she comes for a home visit and we randomly get involved in a deep conversation about life in general – mostly inspired by something she’s experienced at school.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a mom? (Because we learn from recognizing both don’t we?)
Weakness – I put unfair expectations on Kennedy when she was younger, wanting her to be more like I was and not realizing that she was all along…. Just in her version (if that makes sense). Strength – Being a good listener and realizing that I can’t save her from everything as much as I would love to.

Now tell us, what’s in your purse Fly Mommie?
Mints, hand sanitizer, Mophie phone charger, Kat Von D matte lip stain, Eos lip balm, Rayban aviators, Nivea hand cream, Kate Spade wallet, MAC blot powder, and some Harriet Tubmans J

I have to be honest…I was pretty horrible with my skincare routine in my thirties but I have learned to not neglect myself!  What beauty brands do you use and what’s your beauty routine?
I recently started using Mary Kay again for most of my skincare regimen. I use MK’s ‘Timewse’ line plus Nars bb cream.   Clinique or organic coconut oil for eye makeup and lipstick removal.

 What advice would you give your 21 year old self?
Make a realistic plan for accomplishing your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need to meet your goals.   And start investing in your 401k!

Fly Mommie Friday

What is your mantra?
No second guessing – trust your gut!

What is your Biggest Financial accomplishment?
Paying off all credit cards and getting to a point of using them the same as cash. They get paid off in full EVERY month no matter what.  Also, being able to put money aside for emergencies and retirement.  Incorporating a yearly budgeting worksheet helps me to stay on top of where we spend our $$ and where we can cut back if needed.

What is your Biggest Financial fear?
Not having enough. The stress that comes with not being in the position is one I hope we never have to face again.

Fly Mommie Friday

What are you passionate about?
Staying cancer free. Speaking life into whoever needs it by whatever form I feel led to do so (either verbally, through DJing, or just listening…)  I call myself the ‘people’s cheerleader’!

Do you belong to or donate your time to any charitable/philanthropic organizations and if so, which ones?
I founded Dancing 4 A Cure in 2012. We are dedicated to increasing the awareness of cancer prevention, promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle and raising funds to support other non-profit organizations in their cancer research.

Why you’re a QUINKENZO Fly Mommie…
Scean is fly because her cool personality, entrepreneurial spirit and personal street style truly shines through. Her beautiful, calm spirit and tenacious approach to life led her on a journey to battle and beat Cancer and I think that’s pretty damn fly.  I admire that she found a path that she loves, something she’s passionate about, and has made adulthood look real fun as a DJ! In case you weren’t aware already, Scean’s style is on point. Each of her choices is completely on trend but not overly trendy which I love. She’s one fly mommie!
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