Diary of a Virgo



Zoe has reached that mark! A TRUE tween. One more year and she’s a teenager…yes…A TEENAGER! And now the challenge is what she’s allowed to wear! We’re in the age of “one size fits most” stores, only bikinis, itty bitty shorts and half tops being sold so lately things have been quite a struggle between me and my girl with what she WANTS to wear and what I deem “appropriate”.  LOL.  Even though I think I’m a pretty cool, chill mom, I do consider myself to be a bit of a prude when it comes to what I think our young girls should wear. I mean I do still wear slips! LOL.

I’ve watched so many of my nieces grow up in this social media infused world so I’ve been able to get some pointers.  I’M READY!! I’ve always said since Zoe was little…”oh boy, she’s just going to have to hate me all throughout her teens” cause I’m not having it.  She’s always had a little sass about her and even used to try to steal her Aunt’s satin nightgowns when she was like 3!!!  Just the other day, we had a “discussion” about a top that was THIS close to being a cropped top and whether she could wear it or not. I did let her wear it because it fell just above the top of her jeans but a millimeter of an inch shorter and it would’ve been a no go.  We had another discussion recently because she was a little pissy that I won’t let her wear a bikini.  It’s hard!!!  Like for real but I have my reasons and I’m sticking to them…at least for now.

As a mom of a daughter, it’s a verrrrrry difficult balance between keeping things cool between us and standing my ground.  Yes, I get huffs and puffs and the eyes rolling when I tell her she can’t wear something which initially pisses me off.  But I’ve chosen to do things a little differently than how I grew up cause I would’ve gotten beat down for any hint of attitude!  LOL..  So I’ll be honest…I try really hard to not give in but INSTEAD to be fair and to sometimes compromise.  That is what life is about right!?!?  I just tell myself that as long as I set an example of how to live a life full of grace and gratitude, she will do the same.  EEEEEK…I know I better get ready cause it’s certainly not that easy!

So as we search for brands that are a happy medium for us both, I’ve come across a few that just might make us both happy.    River Island, Zara, Mango, Ivivva, O’Neill and a few others.  Since Zoe is very petite, and approaching 12 years old it can be a tad bit tricky to find clothes she likes that are not too revealing for me and not too kiddish for her.  These are some we’re diggin.

I have a DISCLAIMER:  Now as much as I think the clothes at Brandy Melville are adorable and I myself have even been guilty of buying a sweatshirt or two, I just can’t get with their brand concept. I just think it’s shameful and unrealistic. I have a real problem with the fact that they market their clothes as “one size fits most” AND that their models all have a very obvious prototype; white, tall, thin with long, blonde hair.  Is that “most”?  C’mon now Brandy!  Similar to what we witnessed with Abercrombie years back.  These retailers are extremely smart in how they market their clothes, aren’t they?  It’s almost cult like.  I just look at young girls today and their obsession with Kendall and Kylie and think this type of marketing has gotta be down right damaging and manipulative because it sends a very clear message and leads to body insecurities, self-hate, comparisons, judgements…and the list goes on and on.   The message is…you have to look a certain way to be cool enough to wear their clothes.  My hope is that people will start to shift and that the ideals of beauty in this country start to change. Wouldn’t it be great if retailers advocated for ALL young girls instead of contributing to the pressures and unrealistic expectations they already experience, while trying to navigate through this world as a teenager!?!?






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