Diary of a Virgo


The other day I had a revealing conversation with one of my best friends about the power of yoga.  We talked about how  most people’s thoughts about yoga are centered around mastering the poses and the cute outfits but once you experience the pureness of yoga, you can see and feel how deep you can go as an individual.  Now I am certainly no expert, in fact, I still consider myself a beginner, but for me, I went into the practice with the intention of applying yoga to my life as more of a spiritual journey.  I reached a point in my life where the need to de-stress and awaken to my truth was very necessary.  It wasn’t about being better than the girl next to me but being a better me.  And about just getting out of my own way so that I could live authentically.  The rat race is even more intense in my daily life it seems, and as I try to find the balance, my patience with myself and my surroundings is often tested.  So finding an outlet to just be, to let go of expectations and worry, to exhale all the heaviness, even if it’s just for 90 minutes was a no brainer.

So I’m getting through this thing called life the best way I know how at this point…by vibrating higher!  There are a lot of days that I find it hard to break old habits or to simply get out of a funk.  As a wife and a mom of 3, things can get reeeeeally overwhelming and I am left feeling like I’ve fallen short in some way.  I have to remind myself that just because I made this decision to live a more positive life doesn’t mean that I won’t feel stuck or that my feelings of self-doubt, disappointment or uncertainty will disappear.  As hard as that is, I have to be accepting that this shift cannot happen overnight and I have to honor myself with patience, self-awareness and care.  Little by little, day by day I’m evolving, growing, manifesting my truth, living life with style, purpose, and grace and I love it.

I am grateful that my path to awareness led me to follow some pretty amazing, inspiring women on Instagram and I just loooove and crave the words of Lalah Delia of www.vibratehigher.com

“Self-Awareness illuminates all the spaces within you that need more light, more love, more joy, more cultivation, more work, more play, more rest, more dedication, more determination, more faith, more drive, more courage, more balance, more peace and more spiritual gangster.”

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Angela René
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  1. Kim Gales

    5 August

    This is great and I’m with you every step of the way. One pose at a time ?

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