Diary of a Virgo


T A L K   T U E S D A Y // I’ve always admired “The Daredevil”.  You know that person who always pushes the limit, so unafraid and free-spirited.  That one who approaches life’s challenges with more curiosity than caution.   I’ve always marveled in their ability to do that.  But I have to say, as much as I admire those qualities, I also appreciate that my cautious and practical nature got me out of some real shady situations that could have resulted in me living a much different life.  IJS, LOL.  But as life would have it,  I did have to experience some things that I may have mistaken for daredevilish that simply were just down right stupid.  So in hindsight I’m­­­ grateful for ALL those teachable moments.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the stupid, and most importantly the amazingly beautiful ones.  Accepting that the path I chose was right at that moment because the Universe is always working for us.

Now I truly understand how beautiful and necessary it is to honor the simplicities of life but to also push the boundaries AND myself in order to live MY best life. Finding that middle ground between facing my fears and staying in my lane is still kinda hard for me because most of the time I unknowingly place limitations on myself, lose motivation or end up operating out of sheer habit.  But what I really want to do is live in a state of awareness and consciousness, vibrating higher.  Every morning I wake up is another opportunity to be the best version of myself.

So really what does this all mean? Be patient with yourself.  Trust yourself.  Applaud your triumphs and achievements, no matter how small.  Things in life are NEVER going to be perfect and will certainly be far from easy. You have the very best intentions.  You set goals, play out the scenario in your head but somehow the motivation subsides…sometimes it even diminishes.  Life is hard and complicated and messy and perplexing and invigorating and amazing.  So really making that conscious decision to let the universe unfold all that is intended for your divine purpose is what needs to happen.  There comes a point when you have to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘are you operating at your highest frequency and if not, why?’   Maybe being a daredevil and saying yes a’int so bad after all.

We went to this restaurant recently that had a huge sign on the wall that simply read, “SAY YES” and my hubby turned to me and said, imagine what the world would be like if everyone said yes more. Aaaaah….Inhale courage and acceptance. Exhale fear and doubt.



Angela René
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  1. Kimmie

    14 September

    This is by far one of the most refreshing things I’ve read all year. It’s feeding my my mind, my body and my soul. I can definately refer to myself as a “Daredevil”. Since I was a young girl, I always pushed myself and often times end up overdoing a lot of things. Overthinking, overcompensating, giving 150%. Later I end up telling myself, “You did it again”… Sometimes wishing I had of thought more about it or not done it all. You really help to put this in a nice perspective. Balance is the key. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy your dialogue.

    • Angela

      15 September

      Balance is key right?!?! No wrong or right way to go about it. Thank you my friend. xo

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