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Set your intentions on Gratitude when shit just is...

Set your intentions on Gratitude when shit just isn’t going right

G R A T I T U D E // We’re all going through shit.  Everyone’s is dealing with something and sometimes it can get real overwhelming.  I’m convinced we go through circumstances and encounter certain people in order to evolve us into who we are truly intended to be.  Do you want to be unhappy?  No.  Do you want to be broke?  Of course not.  Do you want healthy relationships?  Absolutely.  Do you want to expand your spirituality?  Yes!  Do you want to fulfill your purpose? Yes!   How are you living your life?  With intention to have those things or out of sheer habit?  Cause nothing is by chance or by sheer luck.  It’s all divine order. The universe is directing our paths but it’s so easy to get distracted, to lose hope and not embrace the life that is trying to work its way into our consciousness.  Why?  Why do we do that?  Fear, habit, laziness, insecurities, doubt, lack of self-love and self-worth.  But if we just come from a place of stillness, we can look within to see the things we need to change, the things that are no longer serving us.  The things holding us from true happiness and contentment.  We know deep down inside what those things are but sometimes if we aren’t centered, the burden to change is just too hard.  Meditation has taught me to be still, to stop trying to control my thoughts and to simply allow God to speak to me so that my mind can stay in a constant state of gratefulness.  This I know will allow even more abundance to flow!



Angela René
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