Diary of a Virgo


L E A D // You are amazing and THOUGHTFUL and FUNNY and SWEET and SMART and KIND and PLAYFUL and FUNKY and CHARISMATIC and BEAUTIFUL and LOVING and MAGICAL.  There will be people that try to convince you otherwise but it’s really important that you always listen to that inner voice AND to those who truly love and care about you.

It’s very easy as a teenager to get sucked into the harsh fallacies of this world; one that is constantly trying to put you in a box, telling you you’re not cute enough or smart enough or thin enough, or light enough, or your ass isn’t big enough or your makeup isn’t on fleek or you’re not driving the “right” car or your clothes aren’t fly enough. A world that will constantly place limitations on what you can do and who you should be UNLESS you keep it all in perspective and just do YOU.

This world we live in is saturated with social media images that depict false realities, projecting a narrow view of what is really going on.  It’s sickening.  You gotta push the envelope baby girl.  Jump over the barriers.  Channel your inner Beyonce and kick ass!  Live in YOUR truth.  It’s hard, I know.  But who YOU are and who you choose to be despite the influences is what really matters.  That, my love, is the question you want to ask yourself…daily.  Who do I want to be?

Be clear that EVERYONE has issues.  The Kim Kardashians of the world have stuff going on that you may never see…because you’re not supposed to.  Don’t get it twisted.  Celebrities and people who are Instagram Famous appear to have it all but many are selling their souls, broke, have no sense of self, don’t know how to quiet the noise, addicted to prescription medications and are dying of overdose so don’t be fooled dear daughter.  Nothing is ever as perfect as it seems so it’s really important that you define YOURSELF, and never ever let anyone dim your Light.  Stay true to who you are, in your core, because if you try to defy that, trust me when I say, you will never be fulfilled.  You will never be happy or satisfied.  You will always be chasing something or someone.  But that is not who you are designed to be my love.  You are a Queen.  Lead by example, by being your true, authentic self.

Know. That. You. Are. Enough.  Period.  Don’t be afraid to be different or quirky or nice even.  Be inspired by real, diverse, intelligent and progressive images of beauty and always know that these media stereotypes we see are just that. Stereotypes.   They are no different from the stereotypes placed on Black men by some police or on Mexicans by Trump because they are placed on people who are driven by ego instead of compassion.  Stereotypes are false representations of who we really are and in order to change the perceptions of this world, to be better and do better, we must change our own views of not only ourselves but of mankind. We must be the change we wish to see in the world. Don’t ever dim your light, ever, for NOBODY!  Be YOU babygirl because everyone else is taken.  And there will never ever be another Zoe Mielle.  Trust…and believe.



  1. Kim Gales

    21 October

    We should all simply print this out and give it our daughters, nieces, godaughters, little sisters and any other young woman we may know or come in contact with. It says it all.

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