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Optimism and Gratitude guide my steps

Optimism and Gratitude guide my steps

I may not have everything I want, but I certainly have everything I need and that is the reason gratitude sits in my heart and guides my steps these days. I do want more though and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.  I’ve always had this drive to do more, and perhaps that will to succeed came from watching my mom raise my brother and I by herself under grim circumstances.  Always being inspired by her strength and commitment to her family while pushing herself to live a better life.  She had dreams and goals that she openly expressed so that kinda gave me the green light to go for mine I guess!

As I became an adult, I felt like something was pulling at me, and most of the time that meant coming up with a new business! And I’ve had many!  LOL.  But I found myself always struggling and never could quite find my way.  So a lot of my feelings of frustration, and self-doubt and sadness and defeat came from what I thought were all those failed attempts at mompreneurship.  But in hindsight, I don’t see them as failures because I’ve realized that my path to fulfillment and awareness and success is much greater than owning my own company.  And those periods of my life served a purpose and taught me some very valuable lessons.

It was hard for me not to make comparisons though, especially when you see people thriving and doing what they love and doing it well and you think…”What happened to me????”  But what God has intended for my life may not even be part of that plan I had for myself. I had to gradually learn to release the expectations I held for myself and allow the universe to guide me. It has taken me a lonnnnng time to realize that and to not beat myself up about not accomplishing certain things.

I wholeheartedly believe when you figure out where your passion lies, you are led to your purpose.  I got caught up thinking my purpose was to be a successful mompreneur.  But I’m seeing now that success and fulfilment have manifested in many different forms for me and that is beyond gratifying. I’m optimistic about what God is creating in my life because I am simply guided by being the very best version of myself.  THAT is success to me and THAT is where my passion lies.



Angela René
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