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My Prius made me slow down, literally

My Prius made me slow down, literally

I can’t believe it’s going on a year since I’ve had my Prius.  I had been saying for a while that I wanted one so I guess I put it out into the Universe.  But what I didn’t realize, until recently, was that this car was EXACTLY what I needed.  It’s played a big part in my journey this past year in a funny but very real kind of way.  Cause you know, I felt really good about reducing my carbon footprint by driving this car so I didn’t care about people making fun of me for driving a Prius.  Cause honey you put on POWER MODE and watch me go!   But all jokes aside, learning to slow down and pace myself has brought so much awareness and a sense of calmness to my life that I desperately needed and wanted.

But ironically, driving the Prius made me start to view my life in an entirely different way.  It made me look at how much our society is filled with people consumed with living such a superficial, unfulfilled life instead of an authentic one, where instant gratification is such a powerful, overcoming force, distractions far exceed cherished moments and how so many of us are fueled by the senseless idea that picking up the pace equals productivity.  It just makes no sense and you see, even more so now, how deeply people are paying for this mentality.  It’s nostalgic in a sense because it makes me think of things my mom would say…”Back when I was growing up…” But it’s so true and man, if we could just go back to simpler times. 

We don’t know how to create a space to slow down and be still.  I’m guilty of it.  I was always in the rat race, rushing, honking, cussing, stressing, speeding, running on fumes, etc.  But as I started on my spiritual journey to #bebetter and #dobetter I knew that meant I had to let all that go.  I had to change the way I viewed the world and my place in it.   I had to look at what truly mattered to me.  I had to let go of things that were no longer serving me, things that were preventing me from being my best self.  I had to remind myself that I’m not a slave to unanswered emails, text messages or Instagram posts and to focus on how beautiful it is to simply find stillness in the midst of all the chaos.


Cruising along in my little energy efficient vehicle, forced me to slow down (figuratively AND literally LOL) to practice patience and understanding.  Cause that car I just cut off, yeah, well, the driver is a 75 year old cancer survivor who is driving for the 1st time since ending treatment.  She’s trying to gain her independence back but still a bit timid and fearful.  The traffic that’s backing up and causing me to be late is because a new teenage driver just ran out of gas and no one is stopping to help her and she’s scared shitless and embarrassed.  And my little slow ass Prius just caused me to miss that accident 200 feet ahead cause, well, I like to drive in ECO MODE.  Everybody is going through shit, some more heavy than others, some things we know nothing about and sometimes you just have to take a step back, breathe, appreciate life and each other, accept each other’s differences, be grateful, practice compassion and kindness and slow the f*ck down.  In very simple terms, my Prius taught me that.  I am reminded that life is short and precious and should be valued.  If you’re moving too fast and find that you’re not enjoying the simple things in life, then you need that reminder too.  Pace yourself.



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