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LUSCIOUS with Lush Face Masks

LUSCIOUS with Lush Face Masks

I think it’s safe to say that many of us are on a mission to live better, cleaner and organically simply because our health depends on it.  It seems like over the past few years, I’ve received validation after validation that changes needed to be made…so I’m listening loud and clear.   There’s sooooo much to consider when trying to incorporate a more natural lifestyle.  Like the fact that it can be overwhelming AND expensive at times to eat organic and find ways to reduce our carbon footprint so that our kids and our kids’ kids live healthier lives.  But as overwhelming as it is, I’m trying to find small ways, day by day, to get there.  And realizing at the same time that there is SOOOO much more to this clean way of living than just the food we put in our bodies or the cars we drive.  Natural skin care is just as important AND just as challenging to incorporate into my household when you have folks who just don’t want to get on board.  My teenagers are the hardest to convince but I’m working on ’em!

My girl absolutely looooooves hanging out on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica so that’s an easy way for me to snag her for some #mommydaughter time and head to one of her fave stores, Lush.  It’s a cool, environmentally friendly store that totally appeals to teen girls with their fun, stylish colored bath bombs and face masks but I’ll be honest and admit I’m lowkey digging the store too.  It’s hard not to.  The store smells divine, and the employees are super hip, nice and helpful.  My graphic design eye is drawn to the aesthetic appeal of the store and the funky packaging and typography that covers the walls but all the craze seems to be more on the notion that Lush’s products are natural and “better” for you.  But are they? Hmmmm….


Well for starters, Lush does not market their products as “organic” but they do offer some “partially natural” products.  Feel better?  Tee hee. The good news is all of their bath bombs are made with all natural ingredients and safe synthetics, mostly baking soda.  But their shampoos, hair products, deodorants, and soaps…not so much.  For instance, some of the soaps contain Sodium Hydroxide, and some of their face washes and shampoos contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and EDTA (Lush argues that they use these ingredients in such small amounts that it is ok)  Again, makes me say…Hmmmmmm.


Lush Rosy Cheeks on her, Don’t look at Me on me

The bottom line is Zoe loves the store, we love the bath bombs and face masks so we’ll use sparingly, and avoid the body wash and shampoos. It’s a good company with some really great products but some that just fall short.  So it’s important for me while I’m on my journey to be more eco-conscious to take things with a grain of salt, ask alot of questions and still do my homework.

#bebetter #dobetter

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