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Practicing Yoga became very necessary for me…...

Practicing Yoga became very necessary for me…Here’s why

There are many reasons I started doing yoga. Now I’m not gonna lie and say I wasn’t initially intrigued by the cute yoga pants, the thought of getting a bomb ass yoga body and the really cool inversions that I wanted desperately to master…like right now!  Yoga is hard and physically and mentally challenging.


So what I started to realize was that Yoga is not about becoming a yogi overnight. For me, it’s a mental practice that helps me control my state of mind, not external things and people.  I simply cannot do that. Through mindfulness and asanas I allowed myself to release, forgive and accept and that seemed to be exactly what I needed. It somehow reinforces a peace of mind regardless of what is going on around you.  Allowing acceptance and forgiveness into my practice allowed me to view my own reality with a different set of eyes and start to be ok with living authentically.

Cause honestly speaking, it can be hard to live your truth sometimes  when you care so deeply.  Hard to face your fears without excuses.  To promote Self-Love without appearing egotistical.  To Vibrate Higher without appearing distant.  To set boundaries without the guilt. To stay centered without going the f*ck off.  To eliminate the drama from your life yet remain compassionate and consistent.  Why? Because you get so caught up in what is expected of you, your responsibilities, how people view you especially those who really truly matter to you.  Your family, your friends.  And because you do care so deeply.

There’s a constant struggle between acceptance and ego so you can easily start to question your journey.  Get sidetracked even.  For fear of…Am I being selfish?  Am I not doing enough?  Do I need to be more present?  But things shift, people change OR not, and learning to be ok with that is simply enough.

Not everyone will understand your journey and you will disappoint people along the way. But learning to live consciously FOR YOURSELF and for what soothes your soul will align you with people and things and hobbies and adventures that are on the same frequency. This was a hard lesson for me.   But through forgiveness you find peace.  Inner peace.



Angela René
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