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Adding Glow to my skin with Konjac Sponges

Adding Glow to my skin with Konjac Sponges

I’m not going to lie.  My mind tells me I’m like 35.  But the fact of the matter is…I’m not.  There are visible signs that clearly I am not.  But I’m sort of ok with that.  Sort of.  A very dear friend of mind reminds me often that I’m ready for Botox.  It’s calling my name.  I get it and I agree.  But another part of me loves seeing a woman age with confidence and conviction like YEAH, I’M STILL FLY and I’m not trying to look like I’m 25! I get that from my mom I guess.  She had impeccable style, grace and class and always claimed her age because she was proud.  Let’s be clear though, I’m certainly not opposed to a little help slowing the process.  Why not?  But I’m also enjoying the journey I’m on to finding natural alternatives to taking care of me.

And as a working mom with 3 teenagers who are always in my pocket, I’m always on a hunt to find an economical AND easy way to take care of my skin.  I’ve always been simple.  I don’t have the time OR patience to do like 7 different skincare steps so finding a tool that fits into my low maintenance plan is always a winner for me!  I read about Konjac sponges on Free People’s blog and decided to try them out.  I lucked up and found them at Sprouts and have been using them for a week or so.  The four I got are the Age Defying Resveratrol, Perfecting Green Tea, Clarifying Willow Bark and Brightening Turmeric.  ALL of which my skin desperately needs.

These sponges are derived from the root of the Korean Konnyaku plant, are super delicate, 100% all natural fiber that neutralizes your skin’s PH.  They have a really unique texture which I love and they gently exfoliate, deep clean your skin and leave your complexion refreshed and squeaky clean.


How To Use A Konjac Sponge

Using a Konjac sponge is easy breezy. Initially, the sponge is hard so you have to soak it under water for several minutes until it softens.

If you use a lot of makeup, highlighting, etc. you might want to prewash your face.  I only wear a BB Cream, so I just add my facial cleanser to the sponge once its soft and just start to clean my face.  I massage the cleanser all over my face in circular motions and just give myself a light scrub. The texture of the sponge is kinda weird and squishy and you’ll notice that it won’t generate a whole lot of lather.  At first, I was like…is this micky ficky doing anything??? Tee hee.  But I know things don’t happen overnight so I will keep using it to see if I can see any differences.  After washing and rinsing my face, I rinse out the sponge and let it air dry, squeezing out any excess water.

It’s simple.  Just how I like it.  But even though I’m all about aging gracefully, I know I have to do way more than washing my face with this cute little sponge.  But it’s a start.


in love + light,

Angela René
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