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Don’t settle in Life, Ever | Series I with N...

Don’t settle in Life, Ever | Series I with Nakeia Chomer

Today, I’m joining @nakeiachomer, along with 3 other inspiring women, in the Don’t Settle Series. This series was created to encourage aspiring women not to settle in life, love, or business. Here are my thoughts on not settling in life:

We all know it’s easy to succumb to your thoughts and ignore or brush off your gut feelings and just accept what is YOUR “normal”. The world you’ve always known. The familiar. And sometimes other people’s opinions or perceptions of your life will dictate your every move. But it’s important to pay attention to that whisper, even when its faint and distant. Because God has a plan, and no one but you can follow through on that plan. And when you settle and accept what is handed to you instead of challenging the doubt, the judgement, and fear, you are not living your truth.
It’s not easy to go against the grain. To be great when everyone around you isn’t. When you have people in your life encouraging you to just survive instead of thrive. But it’s a choice. A conscious choice that is oh so necessary. Like @lalahdelia said…”transform your pain into powerful beautiful work.” Yeah, do that!
And continue to do the work on yourself. Live, Learn and Grow…daily. Accept help even when you think you don’t need it and advice from those who you admire and inspire you. Be vulnerable and accepting but also surround yourself around people who love your light and want to see it illuminate. When it doesn’t feel good in your soul…it aint good…so let it go. Otherwise, that’s settling. Slowly you will start to let go with ease and grace and honor your true, authentic self. Not your false self. I promise you the reward is far greater than settling.

So why don’t you follow along… and meet the other amazing women involved in the series and join us in spreading the gospel of NOT settling.  @nakeiachomer @jasminepennamma @thejasminediane and @michelleforgood

in love + light,

Angela René
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