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TIP TUESDAY | Living Organically on a Budget

TIP TUESDAY | Living Organically on a Budget

I think my heart went a little pitter patter when I went to Marshalls and saw all these goodies. Cause you know I’m really trying, day by day, to #bebetter and #dobetter.  I never ever really thought about my skin being the largest, living organism on my body and what I put on it matters.  Like for real. Going natural and organic has been challenging to say the least and not to mention costly.  So as a mommie of 3 who is on a budget, I’m constantly looking for ways to make living organically and naturally a lifestyle without breaking me.

Dr. Bronners at Marshalls $9.99 and $7.99

When shopping at discount stores, just make sure to look at the packaging to ensure its not opened or tampered with. Another tip is to visit often because they get shipments every week so that way you’ll know you’re getting the freshest shit! You can also look at the batch code on the back or bottom of the product and check out these websites on your phone to check the freshness of the product.  www.checkfresh.com or http://www.checkcosmetic.net/

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