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We teach our children self-love by loving ourselve...

We teach our children self-love by loving ourselves

In a world that is filled with so much hate and bigotry, we must create a space to instill self-love and self-acceptance in our children. I work to raise a strong, smart, confidant, self-assured, humble, loving black girl, in this f*cked up world, so I know that lesson starts with how I see and treat myself. How I treat my body, what I eat, how I talk about myself.

There is no stronger, more courageous, more empowering lesson to teach our children.  Self-Love.  Whether it’s your daughter, your niece, your friend, or your sister, your words are energy so be mindful.  It’s so easy to second guess ourselves, or play small just to appease others for fear of being seen as boastful or too bold.  But we must own and recognize the energy we put out in the universe and understand how very necessary it is to sprinkle our #blackgirlmagic everywhere we go.  This world needs to see and feel our Light.


My intention is Self-Love and Self-care and Self-Acceptance.  It wasn’t always easy because I bought into my circumstances.  I took myself for granted.  But as I journey through motherhood, I know, in order to withstand all the complexities of life we must try to diminish the sensationalisms placed on us women, especially Black women, by the media. We MUST be impeccable with our words. To ourselves and to these young girls and young women coming up behind us.

Never deny the power you can create or the magic you can spread simply by honoring, loving and accepting yourself. Stay true to who you are and own it with conviction. No apologies. No explanations. Compassion, Empathy, Love, Humility and Authenticity create a beauty that will shine from within. People will not only feel it but they will see it because your light will be too bright to dim. Pretty hurts but Beauty never fades.


in love + light,

angela rené
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