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It IS possible to find a Company Culture that fits...

It IS possible to find a Company Culture that fits you

I like to say I’m a full time working mom trapped in a Creative’s body.  I’ve worked in Corporate America my entire life except when I took a leap of faith and worked from home as a graphic designer for 5 years.  So that’s (clearing my throat) 18 years of working in environments where I had to conform.  From my wardrobe to concealing my tattoos, to not wearing my hair wild and curly.  And for a while, I was ok with conforming because there is a part of me that craves structure and security and as a mom of 3 living in Los Angeles, I always knew we needed to be a 2 income household.  Now if it were up to my hippie husband, we’d be living barefoot somewhere by the beach with no cars and not a care in the world!  The Virgo :: Sagittarius balance!  Aaaah!

But my life unfolded as me being a working mom and you know, I’m loyal so I tend to stick it out and just deal with my circumstances.  Now I know that’s not always a good thing and what I’ve come to realize is I was doing myself and my family a huuuuuuge disservice.  When you are in a situation that doesn’t bring you peace, and restricts you from honoring your true self whether its your job, your marriage, a friendship, whatever it is, you will ultimately vibrate at such a low frequency that everyone around you will have their eyebrows raised.  Like what is wrong with her?!?!   Until you notice it and start to feel the Universe pulling and tugging at you to shift, you’ll be in a constant state of just existing.  That was me.  And the fucked up thing about it was I knew it and could feel it deep in my soul cause I simply wanted to create, to design, to inspire and to nurture my free spirit.

I got to a point several months back when I realized that continuing to work in Corporate America was eating at my soul and just making me so unhappy.  The harder and harder I tried to make it work and stick it out, the harder and harder it was for me to be happy.  That’s when I turned to yoga and meditation.  I said…DAMN, something has got to bring me some peace!  So I prayed and really put my intention on finding a company that would be in alignment with my inner truth. That’s what Wellness is right? Vibrating higher as your true, authentic self. So I manifested this.  Finding a job where I could earn a great salary AND 401K (LOL, but not really) work with exceptionally awesome people, feel supported by my boss AND be able to be myself.

My mantra today in my morning mediation was…”Everything you desire is already within you.” …and so it is.  Namaste #diaryofavirgo

in love + light,

angela rené
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