Diary of a Virgo

Full Moon in Capricorn | 7.8.17

I didn’t realize the full moon was approaching but I could sense something.  Tonight July 8th  9:07 pm PDT is Full Moon in Capricorn which brings some core issues to the surface for me.  Relationships, finances, and home matters are key elements that Capricorn is bringing to the surface.  This sign rules Success, Career, Goals, and perceived outer-world achievements. So it’s a time to tune into those emotions I’m having around those beliefs and not get caught up with “the plan”.  But focus more on the joy and has the hubby said The Power of Now.  No wonder I’ve been in solitude!  LOL.  I wish I had some sage but as @glowmaven said…”Time to nurture yourself and slow all the way down.  Dial it back y’all.”

Abundant full moon blessings,

angela rené
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