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Morning and Night Rituals can really be gamechange...

Morning and Night Rituals can really be gamechangers

Sunday Morning Chill Vibes.  I loooooove waking up early while the house is quiet and getting some extra “me” time.  It’s a way to honor myself and to feel more balanced.  I’m working on having morning and night rituals so that I can be more present and more in tune with what I need to thrive.  I know that it’s about me making mindful choices about what I do when I wake up and what I do when I get ready for bed.  So I’m starting today!

My morning ritual is:

  1. To wake up with a grateful heart
  2. Sip on some warm lemon water
  3. Meditate, diffuse essential oils and then write my intentions for the day
  4. Eat a good breakfast and indulge in my coffee
  5. Laugh more

My night routine will be:

  1. Enjoy my vino & listen to some good music while cooking or working in the garden
  2. Diffuse my essential oils
  3. Zoe and I to give eachother scalp massages
  4. Lock myself in my bathroom for a little selfcare
  5. Put my phone away an hour before bed

What are some things you incorporate to get your mind right?  Sharing is caring.


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