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DIY Face & Body Spritz using Rosewater, Roseh...

DIY Face & Body Spritz using Rosewater, Rosehip oil & Frankincense Oil

As a way to move closer and closer to living a natural, clean lifestyle, I’ve been looking at ways to simplify my skincare routine and use natural products and essential oils. I want to be really aware of what I’m putting on my skin. Taking it back to the basics y’all.  And it’s been fun creating body butters with my babygirl so now I think it’s time to get even more creative and see how to incorporate even more essential oils into my everyday skincare routine.

I’ve said before that as I approach 46, I’m trying to embrace all that comes with aging gracefully.  I really am. It’s difficult…I’m not going to lie.  In my head I still feel 30 but clearly I’m not and as I see a new wrinkle creep up and I’m like…Wait a damn minute!!!  But hey, I’m accepting it, not only for myself, but to show my daughter that there is no greater love than self-love.  There is no greater power than self-acceptance.   I’m not chasing youth but instead I’m committed to chasing health, and happiness and abundance and acceptance and love and intention and destiny and freedom and simply being me.  With that said, I’m all for women honoring themselves by finding ways to make themselves look and feel better.  Whatever that is, as long as it works for you, then I say do the damn thing.  I’m not trying to look like I did 20 years ago because I actually enjoy my age but I’m DEFINITELY not opposed to finding ways to enhance beauty from the inside out to maintain a glowing, youthful look.  That’s my goal!

So as we deal with this summer heat, and many women my age are hot for other reasons (cough cough), I want to share a real simple tip I learned from a gorgeous gal named Inga.   Keep a bottle of #rosewater in your purse to refresh your face throughout the day.  Cause, well, these Cali Days have been pretty hot!  And it’s an easy and natural way to set my makeup, keep my skin looking good, healthier and more vibrant without spending a ton of money.  I spiced it up a bit and added in a few drops of #rosehip oil and #frankincense essential oils.


Rosehip Frankincense Face & Body Spritz

  • Fill a glass spray bottle with rosewater or distilled water
  • Add 6 drops of rosehip and frankincense oil per 1 ounce of water
  • Mix well before each use
  • Spray onto face & body whenever you want to feel refreshed

Both of these oils produce some seriously powerful anti-aging benefits.  Frankincense provides anti-aging and skin rejuvenating benefits and Rosehip helps to hydrate the skin and stop the first signs of aging skin.

Rosehip Oil:

Rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, like vitamin A, vitamin F, and is high in vitamin C.  The vitamin C and vitamin A, stimulate collagen production. Because vitamin A has small molecules, it allows deeper penetration into the skin and improves the skin’s moisture levels — thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines.  I’m saving so I can get Young Living’s Rose Oil.  There’s simply NO comparison but the NOW brand is what I used for the Spritz.  You can get it at WholeFoods or Sprouts.


Frankincense Essential Oil:

A natural anti-inflammatory and astringent that helps regenerate healthy cells and keep existing tissue healthy and strong.  There’s no comparison to Young Living’s Frankincense.  I know, because I’ve tried so many different brands.  It’s pricey but I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for!


Not to mention, these 2 oils are 2 of my absolute FAVES to diffuse!  It’s a win win!

in love + light,

angela rené

Young Living Distributor
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