Diary of a Virgo

Own your Glow and tap into your Feminine Energy

Own your Glow and tap into your Feminine Energy

I had mommy issues and daddy issues growing up.  It wasn’t until I became a mom that I started to really think about what and who I was allowing to define me.  Or to project their shit on me.  When I became a mom it was as if I had this sense of obligation to myself, a sense of ownership that overcame me.  Like Angela, this is YOUR life.  Own your own shit and be better.  Who do you want to be?  How do you want to feel?  But more importantly, how do you want to make others feel?  It was like I didn’t even have a choice BUT to look within and try to figure out how the dynamics of my parents’ influence had on me, my ideals, my perspectives, my personality, my choices.  It’s been years of me working on myself because really truly being the best version of myself has ALWAYS been a really dope concept to me. (You should see how many self-help books I own LOL)  I didn’t always get it right but I’ve never stopped trying.  Always a student.

So I think the turning point to finding my TRUE SELF was truly allowing myself to be vulnerable and to see all my faults, my weaknesses as well as all the wonderfully beautiful things about me and really wanting to learn how to navigate through those dark, tough moments.  Challenges would arise surely.  Daily even.  Things that left me feeling really uncertain…as a mom, a wife, a daughter, and even a friend.  Sometimes I felt perplexed about how things unfolded.  Sometimes I doubted my decisions even though my intuition said go for it!  At times I even felt fearful of making too many mistakes.   But at some point, you realize (and for many it’s when you turn 40) what you really want, what and who makes you happy, what you’re willing to sacrifice…and not.  What fuels your soul with fire and this keen awareness of self takes flight.  You own your shit and it feels good.  And to me, that’s true beauty because you’re saying…This is me and I am no longer dimming my light.

So don’t be afraid to tap into the power of your fierce feminine energy to help you move through tough situations like BAM!  I got this.  Whatever “it’ is.  Women are powerful beyond measure.  Latham Thomas calls it “Wombifesting.  Love.  Nurturing.  Creativity.  Divine Light.  Connection.  Compassion. Emotional Intelligence. And Intuition.  This energy allows you to walk a path of Grace and Strength.  Cause you do have the Strength & the Power of a Lion.  You know that right?  Don’t ever forget it Beautiful One.  ♥️ #VibrateHigherDaily #WellnessWednesday #OwnYourGlow #honoryourself #diaryofavirgo #goddess #quinkenzo

“That feminine force is magic, and employing it is a powerful way to walk through life.  It is the magic of owning your glow.” – Latham Thomas

Diffusing #rose #ylangylang #orange and #bergamot #essentialoils to magnify Joy, Love of Life and Self Love

in love + light,

angela rené
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