Diary of a Virgo

Yoga Saved Me

I started on this home yoga journey at the beginning of November, waking up at 545am during the week to get a flow in before work. I used to SO not like doing yoga at home when I first started practicing but I knew I needed it now…for several reasons. Release. Clarity. Exercise… But one of the things I absolutely love about the practice is the changes I see and feel in my mind and my body when I commit to the asanas, the breathing and simply being present. It’s a trippy mind game so to speak.

Accepting where my body will and won’t go but also seeing the transformation that takes place when I simply give in to the breath is pretty damn cool. It’s so crazy to think that yoga has allowed me to cultivate an awareness that leads to conscious decisions with an intentional outcome. Yesssss!! Truly life changing for me. Can’t wait to get back in the studio though!  Until then…

in love + light,

angela rené
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