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Stop Bullying and Raise Compassionate Kids

Stop Bullying and Raise Compassionate Kids


Know. That. You. Are. Enough. Period. People will try to convince you otherwise. Don’t play small. Social media will leave you feeling like you’ve gotta do more and be more too. Don’t be afraid to just be you, to speak up, to be different, or silly or nice even. Always leave someone feeling happy, validated and heard. Be inspired by real, diverse, intelligent and progressive images of beauty rather than feeling forced to put yourself in a box.

Always see the beauty that resides within you without anyone having to tell you. Love EVERY part of yourself. Because people will try to get you to buy into their thoughts, views or opinions by making you question your own. Don’t do it babygirl. Honor your own and be proud. Stand up to bullies. Stay soft in this hardened world but don’t be afraid to set boundaries. As hard as people will try, some unknowingly, never ever ever let anyone dim your Light. You will ALWAYS be the light shining ever so bright in my life. Know this… Always.

And as much as you will get hurt, disrespected and disappointed, keep your heart open. Lead with Love. And never ever ever think you’re alone. Ever.



Praying for the family of #RosalieAvila, a beautiful 13 year old girl who succumbed to bullies and took her own life last week. My heart is so heavy because of this.  We must do better.  We must.  For our precious babies.  Talk to your children about differences and compassion and accountability and respect and oneness.  Talk.  And if you feel like you’re not getting through or you can’t connect, check their social media, check their phones, have their passwords.  Parent diligently and vigilantly.


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