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FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Ronit Wertheim | Libra

FLY MOMMIE FRIDAY – Ronit Wertheim | Libra

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am originally from Israel – I like to think of myself as a mother, a friend, a lover and a free spirit. I am open to the journey of life and embrace the challenges and the beauty of where ever that journey takes me.

What excites you most about Motherhood?

I love to see my children grow and develop into themselves. I love the changes, the difficulties and the moments of triumph. The evolution of the soul inspires me. It excites me to see them excited, challenged and inspired by their own life future and present.

What is the one most important thing you hope to teach your kids?

Empathy for others

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Fly Mommie Friday

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What are some of your favorite things? Think Oprah lol

A hot cup of coffee in the morning and my Rose Gold and Diamond Ascend Hoops

What do you wish you had more time for?

Reading and yoga

What or who inspires you?

Women supporting women inspires me. To really embrace the power that we all have within.

How would you describe your style?

Traditional, laid back California with some bling.

What’s one of your proudest mommy moments?

It’s kind of about me…. I was taking my older daughter somewhere and she told me that she thought I was a good mom.

What’s favorite recipe to cook for your family?

Chicken parmesan, always a crowd pleaser.

What makes your soul happy?

Being surrounded by the people that I love.

Now tell us, what’s in your purse Fly Mommie?

My wallet, my cosmetic purse with my favorite thing in the world…. Mary Kay eyebrow gel.

I have to be honest…I was pretty horrible with my skincare routine in my thirties but I have learned to not neglect myself now thank god! I’m not going down without a fight. LOL.  So what beauty brands do you use and what’s your beauty routine?

Drink lots of water. I wash my face with Amore Pacific face wash and Vichy cream. I generally do not wear makeup. I think that helps a lot. I use oil as well – I love Vintner’s Daughter face serum. Love Love!

Fly Mommie Friday

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

Read more and study harder.

After feelings of self-doubt, fear or feeling downright depleted, how do you find your way back to center?

I look into the eyes of my children and I know they are looking to me to uphold them. I have a greater purpose to serve then myself.

Do you have a mantra?

It never hurt to be nice.

What are you most passionate about?

My growing jewelry business. I am obsessed with it. Obsessed.

Do you belong to or donate your time to any charitable/philanthropic organizations and if so, which ones?

I donate my time to my children’s school as well as Alliance of Moms.


Why you’re a QUINKENZO Fly Mommie…

I have known Ronit (I affectionately call her RoRo) since she was a baby I feel like!  We met at our old job like 19 years ago and we just clicked from that very first moment.  It was effortless and always way too much fun!  I thought she was fly then as we would often chat it up about our shared love affair of shoes.  And now that she’s a mother, her style sense is impeccable and understated California chic which makes her even more fly now!  Ronit’s simple, effortless, understated style and personality totally adds to her beauty and charm.  She’s a cool mom with all the good vibe jujus and anyone who knows her would definitely agree that she is simply Fly.

This beautiful, free-spirit is such a fly mommie because in the midst of chaos, doubt and fear, she has this keen ability to approach life with an open mind, courage and a lighthearted humor while raising her 3 kids with her Ex-husband. She’s just so dope in my opinion, because in addition to her funky luxury jewel line, Ascend by Ronit, she created another business, Other Beginnings End, “with the intention of helping those struggling with divorce find some clarity in the fog.”  What I love about her is she herself is always expanding, always learning, always open to finding her way to being the very best version of herself.   That’s pretty damn fly.  Check out this Fly Mommie’s businesses here:  Ascend by Ronit and Other Beginnings End 

in love + light,

Angela René
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