Diary of a Virgo

Shine your Light and release Fear & Doubt

Shine your Light and release Fear & Doubt

One of the hardest things to do is to muster up the courage to seek and discover who you really are.  It’s scary and sometimes intimidating.  Whether you are controlled by fear or doubt or unconscious habits or excuses or obligations. It’s still scary to dig deep.

But you know…timing really is everything. You have to be in a place of awareness to be able pay attention to those whispers and and to be ok unraveling those twisted thoughts of yours. The ones holding you back.  It’s time to peel back all your many layers and honor your TRUE self. Not your FALSE self.

Cause we know it really is so much easier and much more comfortable to sit in your existence and accept your life as is.  Your relationships.  Your career.  Your health.  Your happiness.  But the Universe has a funny way of tugging at your soul to get your ass to wake the Fuck up!  And when the shift happens…trust me, you will know.  You will feel it so deeply that you no longer can ignore it.  “You will no longer fear change…you will fear staying the same.”  And that feeling will direct your steps whether you like it or not.  Be still.  Center yourself.  Disconnect. Don’t be afraid to do the work.  Glow the Fuck up!! And shift accordingly.  The Universe is counting on you!

in love + light,

Angela René
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