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This is me.  Just a year ago.  I know… I know… some will say “Hmmm… you’re thin, what’s the problem??!?!  But thin people have serious body issues as well.  Don’t get me started…that’s another post!  As someone who was always an athlete, always worked out, man was I out of shape…for ME.  And this was good, actually considering where I’ve been before.  But the real issue was  I was suffering from severe back pain, leg cramps, and fatigue.  I’m sure sitting at my desk all day at work certainly didn’t help but not working out and eating like crap only contributed to the problem.  I also noticed that I wasn’t progressing in my yoga practice.  And anytime you catch me in Palm Springs in a 1 piece, just know mama has hit a wall.  As moms, it’s easy to do though.  Our kids’ schedules consume our days…and nights and often times we find ourselves operating out of sheer habit and losing ourselves a bit.  


Self Care

July 2017

Self Care

September 2017

















I just didn’t feel good, physically AND mentally so I knew it was time.  But more importantly, the transformation was necessary for many other reasons.  I realized that when I changed my thought process, my surroundings, my eating habits, everything started to change because it was what I wanted AND needed.  And then the whole chemistry of my body changed.  And although it hasn’t been the prettiest process, it sure as hell has been worth it.

I always knew what it would take to get my body back in shape but you know, as we women get older, things become more challenging and just different and you have to adjust accordingly.  I will say though, that changing my diet back in January to more of a plant based diet (although I do eat fish occasionally) was the game changer for me.  Here’s what it took for me to get my body lean and my mind clear.  Disclaimer…I DID NOT GIVE UP WINE OR COFFEE.  I REPEAT…I DID NOT GIVE UP WINE OR COFFEE!  Tee hee.

In January 2018, I stopped eating chicken and incorporated a plant based diet into my routine.  (Haven’t eaten red meat in several years)  I stopped buying processed foods for the family about 3 years ago so that wasn’t an issue.  I also was already cooking a lot of beans for the family so I just continued with weekly meals of white beans, red beans, lentils, black beans, etc and just started to buy more grains and other legumes.  I buy all fresh, organic vegetables but will sometimes buy a few frozen packs just to have on hand  The only thing I buy in the can are black beans and garbanzo beans.  I absolutely hate  canned vegetables.  Ewwwww. 

I started running 4 miles, 4-5 times a week around September 2017  to shed a few pounds just so I could tighten up and lose the muffin top and back fat that started to slowly show up.  I really didn’t want to lose a lot of weight because I actually liked my size. So I also incorporated HIIT workouts from the Nike Training app like 2-3 times a week.

But what started to happen though was I was losing too much weight, fast!  The combination of the new eating habits along with the intense workouts caused me to drop about 15 lbs!!  I lost my butt and my boobies BUT the good thing was I lost the muffin top and the back fat! I knew I didn’t want to go back to eating chicken so I figured I needed to increase my protein and complex carbs and maybe incorporate a little weight training.  So that’s what I did.  Considering the surprise, sudden weight loss, I felt gooooood though!  I had so much energy, my back pain was gone, and I was sleeping better (suffered from reeeeeeeally bad insomnia).

Then little things started to happen to my body as my workouts intensified.  I noticed after I went for a long run and maybe pushed myself a bit, or worked out a little more intensely, the next day or two I would start to see all these bruises on my thighs.  (Wish I could show pics but forgot to take some) Of course my primary care couldn’t figure it out so I immediately went into Google Doctor mode.  Tee hee!  So what I gathered is the bruising seems to be a deficiency in certain nutrients, primarily vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, bioflavonoids, and zinc. Also, I think running can also put minor stress on blood capillaries causing them to burst which leaks blood under the surface of your skin which then results in a bruise.  Nothing major but ugh!  I did incorporate Vitamin C and E supplements into my diet and the bruises are hit and miss still.  I’m NOT giving up running so I just slowed down and only run twice a week.

Another thing that started to happen was my hair started to thin but like big time!  I’ve always lost clumps of hair and have suffered from alopecia in the past, but my hair is so thick that it was never noticeable and never caused me any concern.  Now… this could be because of a NUMBER of reasons, not necessarily a lack of vitamins/minerals like I initially suspected.  But I just don’t know since it seemed as if all these things were happening at the same time.  The thing is, I have always played in my hair.  My sister does it.  My son does it.  And it causes me to pull out a lot of hair!  It’s just a bad hereditary habit I’m trying hard to curtail.  Within the past year, I also have been getting my hair blow dried pretty frequently.  Not sure if that is the issue either because the hair loss started recently.  It could also be age dammit!  I just don’t want  to accept any of it!  So I’ve been giving myself natural hair and scalp treatments and started back on my Mielle Organics Hair vitamins.  The week before I go to Kelly, I give myself a scalp massage every 2-3 days with Black Jamaican Castor oil infused with Rosemary, Cedarwood and Lavender essential oils.  Once a week I also do a scalp massage with pure Aloe Vera infused with the same essential oils.

Self Care

I know..tha’ts ALOT of hair!  But it’s not uncommon for me.  It’s just a harder pill to swallow because now my hair is actually thinning. 

The bottom line is when you decide to make that commitment to your health, you HAVE to trust your OWN process and not get caught up on what other people are doing or what you see on social media.  Your issues are your own issues to figure out….and you will.  Ask questions, seek guidance from people you trust and do your own research.  Be your own advocate. What works for you may not necessarily work for someone else.  Your body may not end up looking like hers.  It was also important for me to follow and learn from women MY age.  It just makes sense.  When it comes to your health and fitness, what you have to ask yourself is… how do YOU want to FEEL?   So DON’T. YOU. DARE. wait one more day to put your life FIRST.  Do something small, starting today to honor your body.  We’re in this together.  Namaste. 

in love + light,

Angela René
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