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Summer is over and I’m not happy about it

Summer is over and I’m not happy about it

I’m a Cali girl, true and true, I just can’t help it and I just can’t apologize for it.  Summer is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of the year but really, living out in LA, I am truly blessed to see the sun shining more often than not.   There’s nothing like being out in the sun and letting the rays touch my skin so I use every opportunity I can get to be outside, in nature.  Even if that means sunbathing in the backyard or gardening in a bikini.  LOL!  Don’t judge me.  I try to get my Vitamin D every chance I can!  So as we enter into Fall, it’s a time for shedding and renewal and I’m here for it all.  I am.  Just not ready for sweaters and boots just yet.

Even as the weather changes and it gets colder and darker, the need to be outside becomes even more necessary.  It’s easy to retreat, naturally, but when life becomes too heavy or stagnant or you’re trying to find the balance between going the fuck off and finding your zen, getting outside can be the perfect fix to regroup and recharge and to digress from what’s so heavy.  Seriously.  Trust me.  So for me, summer means so much more than getting sunkissed. It’s a time for me to make no excuses to get out and do something that is going to fuel me. The moment I figured out the importance of slowing down and taking time, really taking time to breathe, and sit in my existence, letting go of my ego, honoring where I was in the process, is when I found myself.  It sounds corny…I know…

But everything is energy.  Everything.  Our mind.  Our body.  Our Spirit.  Absorbing, expanding and evolving… so ultimately your thoughts will be dictated by the energy you are allowing into your life AND also the energy you are projecting.  Be very mindful and responsible for that.  Choosing to vibrate higher has to be a very conscious process or you’ll find yourself vibrating on a very low frequency with low vibrational people, stuck, confused, stressed, complacent, unhappy and wondering WTF do you do now?!?!?  It can get convoluted and overwhelming.

So for me, one of the surefire ways of getting centered is to submerge myself in nature. A coffee walk on the beach with friends, a late afternoon run on my favorite trail, a Sunday Funday bikeride with my favorite girl.  These things soothe my soul.  I even think back to when I was a little girl and my mom’s boyfriend had a boat so we would often go out sailing.  Even at that age, I felt such a calmness, like I had found my sweet spot and being out on the ocean felt so comforting and supportive.  There’s a tremendous peaceful, calming and centering feeling that takes over when you’re out witnessing God’s masterpiece.  THAT’S what you must lean into.  Be good to yourself.  Honor yourself.  Love yourself, wholly and completely.

My sons are now in college and I have a teenage daughter in high school.  So I’m sure you get it.  Lots of free time.  The house is quiet.  So as things started to shift for me I had to be ok with my journey and understand that it might not make sense to many.  Exercising more, becoming a vegetarian, practicing self care like there’s no tomorrow, cutting out toxic things AND people.  I chuckle when I get the side-eye from people close to me or I hear “Is everything ok with Smange?” or probing questions as to why I’ve made such drastic life changes. It’s MY journey.  That’s pretty much all I can say.  When people don’t understand something, it’s very easy to judge rather than to try to understand or simply to accept.  Finding myself.  Honing into my purpose.  Listening a little more closely to that voice.  Allowing God to use me.  Pushing through the fear and doubt and guilt. Not apologizing.  Challenging my comfort zone.  Accepting and allowing.  Really, truly being patient and gentle with myself but also understanding that time waits for no one and so the time is now.  So, I’m going to hold onto to this California sun for just a bit longer and get into it!

in love + light,

Angela René
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